Pivot. Pi-vot. PI-VOT.

Sometimes I wonder if, when I mention a problem or an issue I am dealing with on here, if it’s blatantly obvious to everyone who knows me exactly what I am talking about. That fear has kept me from publicly processing one of the bigger things I have been dealing with over the past few months, which makes me feel like my entries are lackluster since they don’t actually touch on the things I’m pondering.

Since our anniversary is fast approaching, I thought I would recycle some blog entries from my very first (very defunct) blog that I wrote around the time of our first anniversary. Here is a story that is still very close to my heart.

When we moved in our two-bedroom apartment, we put the desk and computer in the second bedroom, but we had no bed for it. My parents generously offered us the use of their old couch bed, so I went to get it. I had some trouble getting it to the apartment (read: it rained on me and I had to pull into a gas station where a very nice man on a motorcycle helped me tie tarps over the couch), but when we finally set it down in the living room, we realized we had a slight problem (besides the fact that couch beds are very very heavy). Our hall is kind of short, and the couch didn’t really fit very well into the hall to get it through the door. Undaunted, we twisted and turned the couch until half it was in the room, half of it was in the hall, and the rest was stuck in the doorway with no sign of moving. Mike and I were on opposite sides of the couch, unable to see each other, and making idiotic comments such as, “I’ll kind of push it this way . . .” “Which way?” “This way!” and getting nowhere. Fortunately after about 10 minutes and some painful bruises, Mike in all his genius realized where it was stuck (I still don’t know what he did), and we got the couch in the room, taking only a very little bit of the door frame with us. I’m sure some paint will cover it up.

Teamwork in action, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much.

The really funny thing (to me) about this story is that we didn’t watch much Friends at that point, and I had never seen the pi-vot episode. If you have seen that, well, that’s a fair approximation of what we looked like. And, you know, we had no trouble whatsoever getting the couch out of the apartment. (I say “we” when I mean “Mike and some strong guys.” So I may have been the weak link.) But just thinking about how much trouble that couch gaves us still gives me the giggles.

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