And we feel the same, and we want the same thing, too

Sometimes my heart feels so full that it’s hard to find words to express myself. I have felt that way a bit lately, like everything I’ve written has been lacking in quality because I don’t know how to say the things that are on my heart.

Yesterday afternoon, Mike worked on some computer issues while I scrapbooked (I think it’s funny that “scrapbooking” is used as a verb these days). I did a couple of pages and then realized that we had been sitting in silence for quite some time. It was a good silence, though, one of companionship and hard work and open windows and spring breezes. I let it continue for a while longer, and then we decided to put in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (which was funnier than I expected – I heard not-so-good things about it). And that was nice, too. My favorite part was when Bridget was in the Thai prison and she was telling the other girls about her “bad boyfriend,” and they started telling her how their boyfriends beat them and stole their money. I said something about how Bridget’s situation wasn’t on the same level at all, and then Bridget said that he abandoned her at a lawyer party and seemed embarassed to be with her. And Mike turned to me and said, “Not to be taking her side, but that is really important.” Obviously it’s not quite the same thing as abuse or theft, but it’s nice to know he understands the importance of the emotional side, too.

This was the weekend of the blue blazer. On Saturday and Sunday, Mike paired Hawaiian shirts with a blue blazer he inherited from my brother, jeans, and his Birkenstocks. He considered wearing his Tilley hat, but decided that was over the top. He wore this to the movies with Charles and Brian on Saturday. He wore it to church and a cookout on Sunday. And, you know, I want him to wear what makes him happy, so I have no comment other than that. My favorite blazer moment? Mike walking up to some of the children at the cookout (kids of people in our Sunday School class) and saying, “Hi, I’m Mr. Blazer.”

I had lunch outside today, and my nose is now a little pink. The weather was wonderful this weekend, I am almost done with a book I enjoyed very much, we had a wonderful time with the Bassetts and the Shearers this weekend, our vacation plans are finally cemented, and Mike and I had a lovely day yesterday. This week is already looking better than last week.

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