A long week.

This has been a long week. I woke up yesterday and was horrified to realize it was only Thursday. Others in my department said they felt the same way. I don’t know what’s been so long about it – maybe it was the concert at the library on Tuesday night combined with the fact that I’m doing the final ordering for the fiscal year (math is hard! Just kidding) combined with the stress of trying to coordinate with at least five other people to plan our vacation (and a possible trip to Atlanta and a possible trip to see my brother in Connecticut) combined with the amazing amount of data entry that I had to do on Wednesday (Kari to Alisa: “I never want to see another ISBN number”) that made my shoulders so sore that they hurt all day Thursday until Mike gave me a backrub, homemade salsa, and a glass of wine last night. Which brings us to Friday. Sweet, sweet Friday.

This weekend should be fun – some hanging out with the Shearers and the Bassetts (we’re going to get Joe to admit that Mike is real and not just a Photoshop creation), spring weather, a church cookout . . . only two and a half more hours until relaxation is here.

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