From A to Z

On Friday, Mike and I helped out with the youth group scavenger hunt. We don’t normally help out with the youth, both because I guard my out of work time ferociously and because, let’s face it, working with youth is scary. But our friend needed some help, so we agreed.

I had a rotten day on Friday – nearly got in a car wreck on the way to work, was feeling a little overwhelmed with budget issues, got caught in a rainstorm while trying to add oil to my mom’s car . . . just general yucky stuff. I was feeling a bit ragged by the time I finally got to the house for the scavenger hunt, but I loaded up on caffeine hoping to keep a good attitude. I was also encouraged when I realized we would only have about an hour and fifteen minutes for the hunt. I had had visions of driving around Greensboro until 11:00, and I had to work on Saturday, so I couldn’t stay up that late.

The rules were as follows: We had to find an item for each letter of the alphabet. We could not purchase anything. We could not use anything we already owned. We could only get one thing from each place we went. We’d be divided into teams of two cars (Mike and I each driving one car) and our cars had to stick together. And, the most important rule (by our calculations) was that items went by their name brand. So a box of Froot Loops would be an F, not a C.

Since we still don’t know a whole lot of the youth and their families, it seemed easiest for us to just go somewhere that had lots of different places. So, armed with our cell phones so our two cars could communicate easily, we went to Friendly Center, which is where we got most everything. Here’s our list of items:

A – August Max bag
B – Bear Rock menu
C – Caribou Coffee cup (we got extra points for all the Cs, like Scattegories)
D – dirt
E – Eckerd’s bag
F – a flower
G – Great Outdoor Provision Company bag
H – Harris Teeter bag
I – I Natural bag
J – Jos. A Banks business card
K – Kyoto Fantasy Express menu
L – Lady Foot Locker bag
M – Macaroni Grill menu
N – napkins from Barnes and Noble
O – Old Navy credit card application
P – Palm Avenue credit card application
Q – Qdoba menu
R – Rack Room Shoes bag
S – straw from McDonald’s (or spoon from Coldstone – I think we doubled up accidentally)
T – Trident gum
U – UNCG baseball schedule
V – Victoria’s Secret bag (yes, I sent an 11-year-old girl into Vicky’s. no, I am not allowed to help with youth events ever again)
W – Wachovia envelope
X – X-box advertisement (from EB Games)
Y – Yum Yum’s menu
Z – Zippo lighter borrowed from a friend

That’s right, we got something for every letter. With under ten minutes left, we were desperate to find a Z, and we were close to our friend Danny’s house, so we called him and asked him if he had anything we could borrow that started with Z. Sure enough, he let us borrow his Zippo, and we quickly drove back to the house to return our items. And, since we were the only team who got something for every letter (even though I think some of those are a bit questionable at best), we won! What do the winners get? Well, glory. And we got to eat our ice cream sundaes first. hehe.

Both of us had a lot of fun, and I hope we get to help out at more things like this in the future. Our two cars had middle school kids, and I prefer that age to high schoolers. They’re so awkward, and I remember how hard that was. I enjoyed getting to know the four in my car a bit as we drove around. All in all, I’d say our first venture into youth work went pretty well.

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