The scenery will change and I’ll feel better

I am terrible at packing. Terrible. For a weekend, I’m okay, because I can just pack complete outfits, but for something like our trip to Florida, when the weather is unpredictable, we’ll have to dress up to go out to eat a few times, and we’ll be gone a week . . . that’s hard. My packing has gone something like this: I go to my closet and pull out a pair of denim capris, two pairs of jeans, a skirt, a pair of dress pants, two pairs of khaki capris. Then I pull out some shirts and some twinsets. Then I get shoes and the bathing suit. Then I look at the mess and put half of it back. Then I get frustrated and quit. Right now I have a decent amount, I think, except I haven’t decided which shoes I need to take.

I tend to be an overpacker (you think?), and I used to apologize for that, but at this point in my life I am beyond caring. You know what? It doesn’t hurt anyone but me (well, okay, it hurts Mike if I make him carry my suitcase, but it has wheels!) if I overpack. And I would rather have choices than be limited. So go ahead and mock me (keeping in mind that I’m not bringing everything listed up there), because I will be the one who is dressed appropriately for every occasion. hehe.

I’m excited about this trip. Our only vacation last year (apart from mini-breaks) was with three other couples (and four babies), and while it was definitely fun, it will be nice to be more on our own. We haven’t been to visit my aunt in Florida for two years, and it’s always been a good time for us. Two years ago when we were there, we were in a hard place emotionally, and it was so good for us to get away. We’re also looking forward to doing some talking about how we’re doing, checking in on a few things . . . but not too much. I have a tendency to want to evaluate how we’re doing a little too much, so I asked that we set aside some time during the week but limit it to that time. Our plans mostly involve stuffing our faces and lounging by the pool. We also like to walk at night, but life is so busy here that we hardly ever do it. So I’m hoping to be able to take some nice walks – that was always one of my favorite things when we were engaged. Walking at night under the stars.

Today and tomorrow will be spent organizing my office so that everything will be ready to proceed without me next week. It takes a lot of work to go on vacation, but I am just glad we’ll be getting a break.

The scenery will change and I’ll feel better
You can’t hold me down for too long
With your hand in mine and our hearts in the right places
We’re a long way from home
And things look brighter from here
Martha’s Trouble

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