Movies, the Oscars, tea parties, and babies

Today is a slow-moving kind of day for me. Too much late-night Oscar watching, I suppose. Honestly, this year, I thought the Oscars were pretty boring. I am guessing that’s at least partly because the people I wanted to win had no chance of winning (*cough*KateWinslet*cough*) and partly because I hadn’t really seen any of the nominated movies. Heck, I haven’t been to the movies since . . . September? And Mike and I haven’t been together since July (although he did get to see a few other movies in the fall, like Garden State and Sky Captain). We never went to the movies very much anyway, but we would often go ahead and buy movies we wanted to see (a lot of DVDs cost about the same as two tickets to the movies). Lack of fundage, however, has eliminated that, and it’s sad to be so out of the loop. I have noticed that I get a little bitter when some of my friends talk about going to the movies all the time. Especially when they go see crappy movies. hehe. However, Mike and I did compete on Oscar picks, and I totally beat him (pounded him), so there is that, at least. We’ll be in Florida next week, and my aunt usually takes us to the movies at least one night while we’re there. We’re hoping to see Sideways.

This weekend I found myself in a few out-of-my-element situations, like a one-year-old’s birthday party and a tea party with a bunch of girls who don’t drink tea. If nothing else, it made me appreciate my friends who are similar to me, the girls who enjoy tea parties (hey, they like coffee, too, but they wouldn’t order it at a tea party) and who think like me when it comes to thinks like being polite to the staff. The birthday party was fun, although it was quite a madhouse. I edited this piece a bit and gave it to my friend as a letter to her daughter, and it went over like gangbusters, which was encouraging. Otherwise, I just enjoyed talking to my other childless friends as we hid in the corner away from the craziness. We always say that events like that make us add another six months to the amount of time we’re waiting until we have kids. At this point, we’re up to about 37.5 more years. hehe.

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