Seasons always change, everybody knows that, everybody says that

It seems like this is one of the waiting room times of the year. I want winter to be over, because it’s the end of February, and March should be spring! It should be green grass and flowers starting to bloom and sunny cloudless days where you take off your sweater just because you can (even though it’s not really quite warm enough for that). I get restless for spring in February. It happens every year, even though we don’t get proper spring until . . . probably April. There are enough spring-ish days in March, though, to get me through until April.

If you were to ask me which season is my favorite, it would be hard to tell you. I like my winter clothes the best – wool sweaters and cute skirts and boots. And I like snow days, though we haven’t had any proper ones this year. I like to stay home and drink hot chocolate and watch Pride and Prejudice and The Godfather.

Spring, though, is when things come alive. The baby animals and the dogwoods blooming and the days getting longer. Shedding all that wool for cotton and starting to get out the flip flops. Spring makes me more reflective, and I feel encouraged. Spring can also be Lent, which ties in quite a bit with the reflective attitude. For the past few years, spring has meant Miranda Stone’s Seven Deadly Sins album. I was reading some of the lyrics today, and it’s time to pull it back out.

As a good southern girl, I want my summers hot and humid. The humidity doesn’t bother me like it does some people. I guess you have to be born here for it not to get to you, because it kills Mike every year. Summer is my birthday and fireworks and fireflies and sweaty glasses of iced tea. And hamburgers and long hot evenings, and I love it all.

And then there’s the fall. Doesn’t it make you want to buy school supplies (like a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils), or at least a new pair of jeans? Fall is Mike’s favorite time, and he’s helped to increase my appreciation of it. I used to be kind of blasé about fall, but now I look forward to day trips to the mountains to see the leaves, and I appreciate the days cooling off. It feels like things get normal again in the fall, even though I’m not in school anymore. People are around more, since they’re not on vacation so much. Life settles back into its routine.

I am not one of those people who hates the winter or can’t stand summer. I love all of the seasons, and yet at the end of each of them I am desperate for the next. So, right now, what with the lack of actual snow and the days getting longer, I’m itching for spring.

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