Showering vs. sweating

Winter means cold season, which means the same old battle is being fought at our house: showering vs. sweating.

When I was growing up, if we got sick, my mom would make us take a shower. She said, “It’ll help you feel better to be clean.” In addition, if you have a chest cold, the steam can help loosen you up. It’s true that in most cases I do feel better after I take a shower when I’m sick. The only exception to that was when I had mono, because I was too sick to shower (Mike knew I was really sick just from that).

Mike’s family had the idea that if you were sick, you should pile under as many blankets as you could and “sweat it out.” This does seem to work for Mike when he has a cold or the flu . . . it seems to help his fever break. I tried it once, when I had strep, and it just caused my fever to skyrocket and made me feel really crummy. So I went and took a shower, and then I felt much better.

When we first got married, this was one of the things we didn’t know about each other. I knew that Mike liked to pile under blankets when he was sick, but I thought that was because he just got cold. I guess Mike just thought I had cleanliness issues. hehe. When he would get sick, I would insist he should shower, and when I would get sick he’d keep trying to cover me with blankets. We were both trying to love each other the best way we knew how, but we had to learn what the other needed, which was different than what we expected. Now, though, I only tell him to shower at the end of the day, before he goes to bed (because I for one don’t want to share a bed with a sweaty sick man), and he only half-heartedly tries to get me to snuggle under more blankets.

At this point, the battle is more like a skirmish, but wait until we have kids and we are each trying to enforce our own remedy. Those will be good times, and the battle will resume wholeheartedly. hehe.

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