I am utterly invincible!

Today has been much better than yesterday. Yesterday I was busy working on the lease plan (of the devil) and sorting through three enormous boxes of donation books (hardcover science-fiction, so good news for us) and the computers were down (or very very slow) for most of the day. Between the three boxes of books, the box of bookclub books I needed to return, and the 80-something lease books currently on the floor of my office waiting to be returned, things were a little crowded in my cubicle. People kept passing by and just looking at me like, “How the hell did you create such a mess?” I kept threatening to start building a fort so no one could get in to give me more to do. And then I could throw snowballs at my coworkers over the top, just like Calvin and Hobbes.
Calvin and Hobbes snow fort

Today, though, I’ve managed to dig my way out of most of that mess, so things are looking up. Here are some things I’ve been thinking about today:

-Laundry. I love laundry. I love having clean clothes. And getting out stains. And having my laundry room be straight. I don’t love folding the clothes or ironing, but I have been a lot more efficient about both lately. It used to be that I’d just put the pants or the shirt unironed into my closet (a lot of this had to do with the teeny tiny closets we had, I think), but now I am getting everything ironed beforehand, and I’m so organized and I can hardly stand it. I ironed today before work! Laundry makes me happy.

-Mike’s English class. Mike has English 101 or something, and you should see his face light up when he talks about it. There’s a paper he’s been writing, and he’s been working on it at every available minute. It’s fun to see him so excited about it. I keep encouraging him to post parts of it on his blog, because I learned some things I hadn’t known about him before, and I think it would be of interest to his readers. (Go bug him about it.)

Gilmore Girls. The 100th episode is next week. The promos make me feel a little . . . distraught. Just ask Mike, who is about to put me on a ban from speaking about the girls for the next few weeks.

-Dinner. I’m getting hungry. hehe.

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