Monthly Archives: February 2005

Movies, the Oscars, tea parties, and babies 3

Today is a slow-moving kind of day for me. Too much late-night Oscar watching, I suppose. Honestly, this year, I thought the Oscars were pretty boring. I am guessing that’s at least partly because the people I wanted to win had no chance of winning (*cough*KateWinslet*cough*) and partly because I hadn’t really seen any of […]

The Economist 13

Every now and then, I like to freak Mike out by referring to myself as “an Economist.” I did that last night. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I said, “Mike, I understand all that. You forget . . . I’m an Economist.” He gave me the look of part-horror, part-revulsion he […]

A bit of library humor 12

I was talking with my friend Marie-Claude shortly after finishing the first draft of this book. She said, “Speaking of encyclopedias, I have to tell you this unreal but true story. You know my friend ——, right? Well, she used to work at Encyclopedia Britannica. She was working on a new edition. And I’ve actually […]

And watching you come into this world, baby, you’ve made me believe 3

When she told me she was pregnant, I promptly burst into tears. These weren’t tears of joy or excitement. No, these tears were borne out of loneliness (I was feeling pretty sad about how the relationship with my best friend had deteriorated, so changes in any relationships were hard) and insecurity (all my friends are […]

Seasons always change, everybody knows that, everybody says that 10

It seems like this is one of the waiting room times of the year. I want winter to be over, because it’s the end of February, and March should be spring! It should be green grass and flowers starting to bloom and sunny cloudless days where you take off your sweater just because you can […]

A few of my favorite things 15

A couple weeks ago, I read a book where the characters were introduced by what their favorite books were. One of the characters liked “the latest John Grisham.” To me that said: white, middle-to-upper-class, reads enough to keep up with whatever the latest John Grisham is. I asked Mike if that’s what he would think […]

Highlights of my weekend 9

While not technically the weekend, Friday morning I stabbed myself in the palm of my hand with a knife as I was trying to cut an apple in half. Much hilarity ensued as Mike and I desperately tried to get it to stop bleeding. We have very nice knives. I was running cold water over […]

Relationship ponderings 5

Sometimes you’re in a relationship with someone (not a relationship-relationship, just a friendship sort of thing) for a long time, and something will happen that makes you realize, “This person doesn’t know me at all.” I don’t think I am a terribly difficult person to get to know. I have walls, definitely, and I know […]

Do I talk about Gilmore Girls too much? 18

Mike brought my attention to this clip from The Daily Show in which Stephen Colbert (aka Ted Hitler) makes a case for bloggers as journalists. (The clip is related to the recent James Guckert/Jeff Gannon controversy, which I didn’t know anything about, because I have been sick and haven’t been paying attention to anything but, […]

Valentine’s Day through the years 10

On our first Valentine’s Day together, Mike and I bought a bread machine instead of doing anything fancy. We haven’t used it lately, but it was a good purchase. What says love more than warm bread, I ask you? Our second Valentine’s Day was, I believe, when Mike cooked for me at his apartment. Steak […]

Showering vs. sweating 6

Winter means cold season, which means the same old battle is being fought at our house: showering vs. sweating. When I was growing up, if we got sick, my mom would make us take a shower. She said, “It’ll help you feel better to be clean.” In addition, if you have a chest cold, the […]

Science Fair musings 12

This week I was listening to a sermon on CD that a friend lent to me, and the opening anecdote had something to do with science fairs. The pastor said that, instead of fundraisers like candy bars, the school should just offer to let the parents pay $45 not to create a science fair project, […]

Actual messages left yesterday between a Duke fan and his daughter 1

*beep* “Hey, Kari, it’s your dad. I just wanted you to know, your team is GOING DOWN!!!” *beep* “Hey, Dad, it’s me. I got your message, and I just wanted to let you know that I am not going to say anything about how my team is going to beat your team, because, when my […]

A peek into my mind 4

At small group on Monday we were talking about forgiveness, and although I did not contribute anything to the discussion, I did have a thought. I think forgiveness is often overwhelming for me because of wrong things I believe about God. If I feel that God isn’t interested in me, that he doesn’t like me […]

In honor of tonight’s 100th episode . . . 5

100 things to love about Gilmore Girls. (My favorites? I could give you a list of numbers, but let’s just say that anything that has to do with Luke is probably on my list. hehe. But there’s not really anything on that list I don’t like. Except maybe Norman Mailer. And Christopher. *evil death glare*)

An end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring 4

I finished The Lord of the Rings on my lunch break today. That was my fifth time through, and it took me a while. This time through the books, I had to take a couple of breaks to read other things, but I am amazed at how much more I understood this time of the […]

The Male Bakeoff 3

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, our church has a “male bakeoff.” After church, the congregation meets in the fellowship hall for chili and soup and man-made desserts (mothers and wives and sisters and grandmothers and aunts cannot help at all). There are first, second, and third prize trophies (yes, actual trophies) in each age […]

If I could write I’d set all the words free to follow you 13

I slept better last night, only waking up when Mike came to bed and said, “Wake won!” I might have said, “Good,” or I might have just gone back to sleep. I have no idea. So far this morning, my coworker and I have swapped vomit stories (my entire small group has some kind of […]

If you’re a dead man, then stick to being dead 3

Sometimes things that we thought were over and dealt with pop up again and blindside us. I have been dealing with something the past couple of days that I thought had been put to rest. Instead, that chokey almost-crying feeling is keeping me up at all hours of the night as my mind runs circles […]

I am utterly invincible! 12

Today has been much better than yesterday. Yesterday I was busy working on the lease plan (of the devil) and sorting through three enormous boxes of donation books (hardcover science-fiction, so good news for us) and the computers were down (or very very slow) for most of the day. Between the three boxes of books, […]