Tasty pork roast

Last week we bought a pork roast because I said I wanted to have pork roast, but we had no clear idea for what to do with it. This morning I googled recipes, and found one called “tasty pork roast” (which is funny if you know me, because when I talk to my friends’ babies, I’m always saying things like, “Have some tasty cereal! Here’s your tasty paccy! Is that stuffed animal tasty?” Mike wanted to know if I googled “tasty pork roast” because it seemed like something I would do) that ended up being quite good. I had to sear the pork and then pour a marinade over it and put it in the oven for two hours. I felt like such a professional, because “searing” is not something I do a lot of, and it turned out really well. That recipe was definitely a keeper. Mike made his famous broccoli casserole (I have no idea why I just said it’s famous), and we had a great dinner.

I always feel good when I do something like that, because Mike is generally the chef in our family. He gets recipes in his email every day, and he is always wanting to try new things. I am a fairly good cook, good at following recipes, but he has that creative spark. Today I was the creative one. It was a nice feeling.

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