Everything old is new again

While standing in my closet this morning desperately seeking inspiration, I suddenly remembered an old black jumper (the American version of a jumper, not the British version) I had that was tucked away in the very back of my half of our closet. I got it out, paired it with a white oxford shirt and my Mary Janes, and . . . voila! A whole new outfit! My coworkers noticed, too – “You look cute today, Kari. Like a schoolgirl.” I’m going to take that as a compliment.

I am not kidding when I say that the jumper is old. The strong memory I have of wearing is was when our Quiz Bowl team won the county championship, which we only did one year out of my four. Which means it’s at least ten years old. I haven’t worn it in, oh, six or seven years, at least, but it’s well-made, and it was fairly expensive, so I didn’t want to get rid of it. Carla Jean recently talked about how certain items of clothing often have memories attached to them, for good or for ill. I remember this jumper partly because my picture was in the paper while I was wearing it and partly because we weren’t allowed to wear short(er – it comes to my knee) skirts if we were going to be competing, but since I was a sophomore, I wasn’t on stage, so I got to wear my jumper.

In my mind, there’s something sort of charming, almost quaint, about wearing something that’s ten years old. It also makes me want to box up my old clothes instead of giving them to Goodwill. After all, I might want them again in ten years or so.

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