Christmas presents and other frivolities

I told my mom that if I were to only get one present this year, what I would really really really want would be season 2 of Gilmore Girls. Imagine how delighted I was when that was the first present I opened on Christmas . . . well, I’m pretty sure it was afternoon by then. Last night we watched episodes 1-4, giving us such illustrious lines as, “Cake is the glue of the wedding.”

We didn’t give my parents any presents this year, but they still gave us some. Most of mine were practical – pants for work, a stepladder, kitchen stuff – but she did get me Gilmore Girls as a special treat. The other “fun thing” was a book I had been wanting to read: Ordinary Losses: Naming the graces that shape us. I have been sensing a lot of loss in my life lately – loss of ideals, of childhood, of friends – so this seemed like the perfect book. I found out about it when I was checking Barnes and Noble to see if there were any new books by Lauren Winner, and saw that she wrote the forward to this book. Her recommendation was good enough for me. Unfortunately I am in the middle of a big stack of books right now, so I can’t get to it quite yet.

Meanwhile, I just finished These Granite Islands on recommendation from a lady here at work. It was good, better than I thought, but very sad. It would be a good book for my book club, but the library only has one copy, and it’s scary to choose books that no one has heard of. I at least got to talk to my friend here at work about it, and another friend picked it up and said, “Oh, I read this a few years ago.” The author’s second novel is coming out this spring, so I’ll probably check that out as well. I should be starting Crazy Love (also a recommendation from a coworker), but I’m sneaking Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim in first.

I read Katey’s post about movies and books just a few minutes ago, and I feel sad that I missed sharing the bookworm stories in Nashville. Like Katey, I have resorted to reading newsletters while eating in order to keep myself entertained, and I know I have mentioned before that I read while cooking, while cleaning, while folding laundry, while drying my hair . . . My latest story is that I keep getting in trouble here at work, because during lunch I will walk back to my desk while reading, and everyone is afraid I’m going to trip and sprain my ankle again. (Also, sometimes I don’t hear when they are talking to me. Which is rude.) Lunchtime here at work is more about eating quickly and getting back to my desk to read than it is about food.

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