Some things I love about Mike

He lets me change the tire on his car so I can prove that I know how to do it, even though he could have done it much faster than I did. He drew me a bath and read to me after a hard day. He kills the bugs in our house when I am too afraid. He held me when I cried after we hit a deer. He always makes too much food when we throw a party. He gets excited about Christmas. He doesn’t notice weird group dynamics that stress me out. He does most of the cooking now that I work full-time. He doesn’t remember all the minutia of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, so things that are old hat to me are new and exciting to him. He falls asleep when he reads in the afternoon. He makes the bed because he knows it’s important to me. He admires my scrapbook pages. He laughs with me, not at me. He gets excited about flannel sheets but won’t let me turn on the heat. He cheers me on when I fit back into a skirt I haven’t worn in years. He can never tell when the floor needs to be swept. He loves his niece and his nephew. He lets me cut his hair. He’s cut back on Diet Coke now that money is tight. He carries the camera around for me even though he hates looking touristy. He puts up with my high-maintenance-ness. He likes Gilmore Girls. He laughs at me when I yell at the Panthers. He takes out the trash. He puts wreaths on our door and flags in our yard for each new season. He makes amazing chicken noodle soup. He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

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