You put your left shoe on, you take your left shoe off

You know you are turning into an incredibly selfish person when you complain about the same things that the women on Sex and the City do (or did, since the show’s over).

The past few days I have been thinking about what I will wear on Thanksgiving Day. I have an outfit that’s perfect. This awesome brown suede(ish) shirt, my long jeans, and my tall brown (very high heeled) boots. The only problem with this outfit is that we’re going to Mike’s sister’s house. The first thing she makes you do when you get to her house is take off your shoes. I mentioned that these are my long jeans, so it would throw off my entire outfit if I had to take off my shoes. I would either be tripping on the hem of my jeans all afternoon, or I would have to roll them up and it will then look as if I am so short that I can’t find jeans that actually fit. Plus, my shoes are awesome, and I would like to wear them. So, my awesome outfit has been nixed.

But it’s such a great outfit. I am disappointed that I can’t wear it.

Last night I was complaining (in a mostly good-natured way) about this, and I realized that I was channeling Carrie. “This-is-an-outfit.” Hopefully my outfit is better than some of that weird stuff she wore. Regardless, it’s kind of mortifying to think that I am being that selfish, so I decided to shut up about my “outfit” and wear something less dependent on the shoes. But the basic issue remains: Mike’s sister makes us take off our shoes when we enter her house, which I am not a fan of. I mean, if it’s muddy, sure I’ll take off my shoes, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is that they don’t like for people to wear shoes in the house, no matter the weather. Mike always takes his shoes off as soon as he enters our house (and leaves them by the door for days and days), so he is on his sister’s side (and wishes I would come to see the light).

I don’t mind it so much in the summer, because I’m always wearing sandals, but I have to admit that I really hate this rule in the winter. I am colder than your average person, so I need the extra warmth of the shoes. Mike’s sister keeps her house colder than I would want (actually, it’s his brother-in-law who does that), and I get really cold without shoes.

I am seriously considering taking my slippers with me tomorrow. Then I can have it both ways – I can be warm and I can wear an “outfit.” Now if I can just figure out what I have that coordinates with light blue slippers decorated with cherries and strawberries . . .

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