Rainstorms, autumn, and wakeful nights

Last night we had a big storm come through, and the world was clean and sparkly this morning. As I was driving, I noticed some of the leaves are finally turning. It’s funny how it happens so quickly, and then it’s over so quickly. It kind of made me miss our old apartment – there was a tree that would turn bright yellow every year. That’s how I knew it was finally fall – one day I would turn onto the main road and see that yellow tree in all its glory.

This weekend Mike and I are planning to drive up to the mountains to see the leaves up there. Hopefully they will still be putting on a show for us. I heard that the cold snap we had back in September didn’t bode well for the leaves this year.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I got to listen to the storm come through. We had the windows open, and it was peaceful to sit and listen to the rain fall. None of my other sleepytime rituals worked, so I tried that for a while. I tried taking Advil. I made a mug of hot chocolate. I put in Sabrina (which used to never fail me). I read. I surfed the internet. All of those things have worked for me at some time or another, but not last night.

If I can make it through today, I hope I will be able to appreciate how nice it was last night to sit and watch the lightning and listen to the rain. Right now I’m a little too tired to be very excited, but it was something beautiful to behold.

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