I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps

Day 2 in New York started with us checking the weather. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon, so we loaded up the umbrella and the raincoats. It only rained for about thirty seconds at almost 5:00, but we were ready! The funny thing is that no one else seemed to be too concerned about the rain. (Rain messes up my hair. You’re darn right I was concerned.)

Anyway, the first thing we did was head downtown to the World Trade Center site. We took the subway. The only other time I took the subway was a few years ago when we were in New York, and we took the subway when we went to see the Statue of Liberty. I remember being terrified. And one of the people we were with got off early, so we lost someone on the subway. Hence my fear. However, we got there without too much trouble (I’m not allowed to tell the real story about getting a tiny bit lost). Since I’m under penalty of death not to tell that story, I offer another one instead: I did have the true subway experience when a guy tried to *ahem* grab me as he was exiting the car. (I will be more careful, but I will not be intimidated.) I am glad to say that I was wearing the strapless bra that day, so at least the females here will understand when I say that the steely support meant his plan didn’t work out exactly like he was hoping. Ha! Now, I offered that story since my aunt has insisted we don’t tell the one about getting lost. So you don’t tell her this one, okay, because she doesn’t know that happened. Fair enough?

After spending about an hour at the WTC site, we found a place to have lunch and then took the subway uptown to Bloomingdale’s. (This time, we didn’t get lost. Go me and my mad navigation skills!)

I have been to Bloomingdale’s before, so it wasn’t a huge revelation for me or anything. It’s just really crowded. It also makes me realize how small my world is, when I hear all these different languages and accents. We don’t get that so much in rural North Carolina.

I also realized, as we were leaving Bloomingdale’s, how easy it would be to get caught up in that world. I mean, in my mind, if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t be that different. I would go to Old Navy and Gap and Ann Taylor Loft and get the clothes I’ve been wanting and leave it at that. But . . . I don’t think that’s really true. I think that spending money makes you want to spend more money. And I’d think, “Well, I deserve it,” and I’d get caught up in buying whatever was new and doing up my house to the nines . . . and I’d wake up one day and not recognize who I am. I think you have to be a strong person to be able to handle that kind of money without letting it change you. So, while I definitely wish I could have newer things, I can see how it’s a great blessing to me that I don’t have more.

We tried to go to Serendipity (which is just outside Bloomingdale’s), but we didn’t want to wait an hour. So we meandered back in the direction of our hotel, stopping in here to look at shoes and there to look at sweaters, so on and so forth. It was around this point that my foot started hurting unbearably, so we stopped at Starbucks to refuel. I called Alisa to tell her that I was one of the 13,000 Starbucks in New York City, and talked to her for a few minutes. Then we headed back to the hotel to rest our feet and get dressed for dinner. My aunt made us stop one last time, so she could buy a pair of tennis shoes, which she proceeded to wear for the rest of the trip. No matter what else she was wearing. She even wore them to the theater that night. hehe. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

We wanted pizza for dinner, so we walked to a nearby pizza place and then caught a taxi to the theatre district. We wandered for a bit, including going to the Hershey store in Time Square before my foot absolutely gave out. Then we just waited on Broadway for the Bombay Dreams doors to open.

I liked Bombay Dreams. It was, as my cousin said, all about the spectacle. Thin on plot, to be sure, but lots of fun. And, of course, there was a wedding scene. No “Bollywood” story would be complete without it. Definitely enjoyable, but not the same caliber as Wicked by any means.

We took a taxi home this time, because I just couldn’t walk any more. Saturday wasn’t as long as Friday, but it was plenty long enough. We didn’t actually buy that much on Saturday. I didn’t buy anything at all, actually. So we were very well-behaved on this trip. Well, more than usual, anyway. hehe.

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