Sweet, sweet revenge

A few years ago, my brother gave me a griddle for my birthday. It’s a very nice griddle, and it has come in very handy for scrambling eggs and making fajitas. The only problem is that I wasn’t the one who asked for the griddle. Mike requested a griddle for Christmas or his birthday or something. He was overjoyed to see it when I opened the box. I don’t like scrambled eggs or pancakes, so griddles aren’t tops on my list.

I never told my brother that, because he was only trying to do something nice. And, like I said, it is a very nice griddle. (I don’t know if you read this, Joseph, but we do appreciate the griddle. We use it every week.) “The griddle” is a running joke in our house – Mike will be cooking something, and he’ll say, “I need to use your griddle, is that okay?” And I will give him the evil death glare.

Well, last night I finally got my revenge. Mike’s birthday is Monday, and one of my aunts took us out to eat and then gave him his present. She gave him gift cards to a few restaurants, since she knows going out to eat isn’t really in the budget. And she gave him something I had been gazing at longingly ever since Sarah alerted me to its existence – Trivial Pursuit Book Lover’s Edition. Guess whose face lit up this time. I am so going to kick his butt. At “his” Trivial Pursuit.

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