Life or something like it

Life is always changing. First I was in school and Mike was working, then I was in grad school and Mike was working. Then I graduated and got a job and we moved and he quit his job and now he’s in school and I’m working. Every time I think, “We’re about to settle into a good routine,” something else changes. It’s not a bad thing – it’s just the way life is.

This morning I sent Mike off for his first test of the school year. He made himself breakfast and we made our lunches at the same time, so he had food to keep him mentally focused. And before I left (I leave earlier than he does), I prayed with him the same things I used to pray before tests: no nerves, good comprehension when studying, and good recall. When we went over the material last night, it was obvious he’d been studying and paying attention. I hope he doesn’t get too nervous to remember the material.

I have been thinking about prayer the past few days, especially when watching the weather reports. Like most of you, I’m concerned for the people in Florida as Hurricane Frances gets closer and closer. It breaks my heart. I just don’t know how to pray for the situation, though . . . there is going to be so much destruction. I always feel silly praying about the weather. I know God hears all our prayers, but weather just seems so random. I feel very small when I pray about something so big.

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