Monthly Archives: September 2004

Bright lights, big city 14

I’m leaving early early early tomorrow for New York City for the weekend, so expect me back on Monday with lots of stories to tell.

Cackling 12

Women who cackle are almost always superior to women who don’t. –Linda Holmes I noticed lately that I have been cackling more. (Which, according to the above quote, is a good thing, so I am fine with it.) I first embraced the cackling a few weeks ago, during an episode of The Amazing Race in […]

The moment when a friendship ends 131

Sometimes friendships fade away naturally – you move, or she moves, and maybe she gets engaged and has a job and is still working on finishing her degree, and she’s a few years younger than you are anyway, so you just naturally drift apart. You’ll still go to her wedding, and maybe even a shower […]

And I can’t figure out why you want me around 13

I think it must be difficult to be friends with me, because I never quite believe that I am good enough. I am afraid to call even my closest friends because I think that I will be bothering them, which probably makes me appear distant and uninterested. I assume they are all busy, and therefore […]

We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves! 17

Sunday afternoon I was sweeping the floor of my kitchen and I realized how much I love being home in the fall and the spring when I can have the windows open and the afternoon sun comes in and everything is just perfect. That’s the kind of weather that inspires a clean house and a […]

Game time 27

There was a period one summer where my brother and I played Monopoly every day. My family was doing this thing where we had a chart that had a list of chores on it, and however many check marks we got meant that we got poker chips. Poker chips could be redeemed for things like […]

Sweet, sweet revenge 16

A few years ago, my brother gave me a griddle for my birthday. It’s a very nice griddle, and it has come in very handy for scrambling eggs and making fajitas. The only problem is that I wasn’t the one who asked for the griddle. Mike requested a griddle for Christmas or his birthday or […]

Crying in the dark 11

I have talked on here about trying to stand up for myself and being honest about my preferences, but it’s really hard. Last night there was a discussion (it’s not really important what it was about) and I made a conscious decision not to agree with everyone else just to make them happy. Good thing, […]

A question about important books 15

This month’s Booklist had an essay talking about reader’s advisory, and at the end of it, it posed an interesting question. Someone is looking at the library’s copy right now, so I will just paraphrase. What would your response be if an older patron came in and said, “I am in the declining years of […]

And the table was full of good food 18

Saturday night we had some friends over for a fondue party. Now, first I should tell you this: One of the differences Mike and I have is that he is quite good at the entertaining thing. He loves finding new recipes and planning the menu and cooking for people. I am one of those people […]

Of planes, bombs, and buildings 9

On Friday, I was at Barnes and Noble with Alisa and saw this book on sale. Since I watched the events of September 11 unfold on CBS, it was, in fact, what I saw, and I had wanted to purchase that book for a while. The sale price was good (better than the price on […]

I’m a hazard to myself 21

So, most of you know, but for those who don’t . . . yesterday I sprained my foot. I am still not exactly sure what happened, but here is what I think happened. One of the other ladies here at the library asked me to give her backup at the desk, so I stood up […]

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Early morning thoughts 10

Do people normally wear sunscreen in their hair? Because my scalp has blistered just above my bangs – I wore my hair in a ponytail when I was outside this weekend, and I was outside a lot. I could have worn a hat, I suppose, but I don’t feel like I had a lot of […]

What I am reading 5

So, periodically I like to update you guys on what I am reading. For the past week I have been reading The Professor and the Madman: A tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s interesting, but I haven’t been in a reading mood, so it’s been slow going. Did […]

Life or something like it 3

Life is always changing. First I was in school and Mike was working, then I was in grad school and Mike was working. Then I graduated and got a job and we moved and he quit his job and now he’s in school and I’m working. Every time I think, “We’re about to settle into […]

Dreams, vegetarians, and an almost awkward lunch 8

Last night I dreamed (actually, scratch that. I dreamed it this morning sometime between 7:00 and 8:30) that Mike and I bought a beach house. I was all, “Yay, we own two houses!” (Mike’s comment on that: “That doesn’t sound like you AT ALL.”) And our friends were all excited for us, but I think […]

Lovejoy, Peacepatience 11

When I was in college, I knew a girl whose last name was Lovejoy. My friend Kelly and I decided that we also wanted to have fruit of the spirit last names, so I started calling myself “Kari Peacepatience” and she decided to be “Kelly Selfcontrol.” I even got her a little beaded bracelet that […]