The cup of salvation

Today I got the chance to redeem myself at church by being one of the communion servers. (I almost didn’t post about this, because I thought . . . what if someone gets on my case because I, a woman, helped serve communion? But then I thought . . . that’s not really being true to myself. So I am posting it anyway.) I did not in fact drop the tray I was holding with the juice (yes, juice. We may not be Southern Baptist, but we are still Baptists). So it turns out there is hope for me after all.

At our church, we do communion a little differently each time. And they try to get different members to serve at different times. This Sunday, since it was back to school, they got all the librarians to serve. Interesting fact: we actually have several librarians – four were there to serve this morning. Last year for back to school the teachers served, so it was our turn, I guess.

I don’t want to overly romanticize things, but it was pretty amazing to be a part of something so personal for people. When they would approach me, I got to look them in the eye and speak the truth about the sacrament we were all participating in: “The cup of salvation.” Some people I knew, but some I didn’t. Either way, it was really moving to see how some people were able to really take that in and think about what it meant. Being the body of Christ together means we get to experience those things together. We talk about a personal relationship, but the community aspect can’t be overlooked. We need one another for support and encouragement, for truth and, though none of us like it, rebuke. Today I got to serve people as they drank the cup that was poured out for the forgiveness of sins. Today I got to experience communion in a new way.

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