Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Over the weekend, Mike and I stayed with our friends Kelly and Scott at the beach. Good times were had by all. My friend Kelly has recently developed an affection for Diet Dr Pepper (which, she would like me to point out, does in fact taste more like regular Dr Pepper). Seeing her switch over to diet soda made me realize that we are getting older. Gone are the days in which we could eat as much as we wanted (although you wouldn’t know that from the amount of ice cream we consumed over the weekend). Now we are all being extra careful and eating and drinking things we would have shunned in college.

Summer is almost officially over. Mike starts school next week, and our small group resumed last night. We hadn’t all been together since our beach trip, so it was a good catching up time for us. All the babies were bigger, the adults were tanner, and everyone seemed kind of tired. Definitely the end of the summer. It seemed like some of us were going through some similar situations, which made me excited to start meeting again regularly. It’s kind of amazing how much community can both encourage you and make you stop thinking so much about your own problems. I highly recommend it.

I’ve been enjoying having Mike home all the time. I haven’t really convinced him to do much cleaning, but he’s cooking dinner every night. He’s going to make stuffed peppers tonight! I can cook, but I never think to make interesting things like stuffed peppers! Today he went to get immunized for school (he had to get two shots so I told him I’d bring him home a sticker) and check the prices on his books. He has to get 13 different books. If someone wants to donate to the “Mike and Kari really don’t have the money for 13 books fund,” please let me know. Oh, and he went to get his student ID today. It was kind of fun to tell him where all the buildings were and where he’d need to go to get his errands done. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was a freshman, but it’s been seven years. Seven years since my roommate and I bought matching comforters. Seven years since that whole gang of us used to travel around campus doing the Monkees walk. Seven years since I started going to InterVarsity. Those were good times.

Well, it’s dinnertime. This was your Kari update for today, August 10, 2004.

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