Tomatoes as a clue to the meaning of life

The tomato juice extravaganza was fabulous. I learned all the secrets of the family recipe. When I was adding the salt and the sugar to the jars, I asked Grandma how she knew how much to add – whether she had tried it different ways and settled on that one. She said, “I do it that way because that’s what my mama always did.” It was fun to feel like I can also be a link in that chain. I stood at Grandma’s old sink, the one on the old porch (it’s not a porch any longer, but it used to be outside) slicing more tomatoes than I have ever sliced in my life, thinking about some of the frustrations I have been encountering lately. Using the same recipe my great-grandmother used has the same effect that the Lord’s Prayer and the Doxology and old hymns have on me . . . I stopped focusing so much on the bad stuff and started thinking about God’s faithfulness to my family through the years. It was nice to get some perspective.

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