Monthly Archives: August 2004

Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat. 12

Last night Mike and I were having a difficult conversation, and in the middle of it all I kept thinking about food. (And the conversation. I was still focusing on the conversation. I can think about more than one thing at a time. Yay for multitasking.) Was I hungry? No. I wasn’t hungry at all. […]

Those mysterious two-dollar bills 18

My parents are turning my old room into an office, so they keep trying to give me things I have left there. In my mind, it’s still my room, and I think I should be allowed to leave things there. My dad disagrees. We were up there last week and he kept pointing things out, […]

Isn’t it hard sometimes, isn’t it lonely? 6

This morning I was about to leave for work and I called to Mike, “Come here and give me a hug.” He has that magical gift for hearing what I am really saying, so he said, “It’s the in-laws, isn’t it?” He came out of the bathroom, saw my eyes brimming with tears, and enveloped […]

What does it LOOK like I’m doing? 6

Yesterday I turned the corner into my cubicle and I saw this weird bug flying around. It was similar to this bug, so maybe he’s been hiding in my cubicle all summer. Great. He landed on the wall, so I did what any sane person would do: I took off my shoe and waited for […]

Word of the day disappointment 3

I have an American Heritage Dictionary word of the day calendar on my desk. I am not sure who chooses the words of the day, but it seems like the words are either everyday words or completely useless. Let me give you an example. Yesterday’s word was swelter. Swelter is a good word for August […]

And so you’ve been here all along I guess 16

I mentioned a few weeks ago that The Jesus Record is a huge summer album for me. The past few weeks I have been listening to it in my car. Well, I guess that’s only true if “listening to it” means “playing ‘Hard to Get’ over and over and over.” You who live in heaven […]

Why I am looking for a new book. 6

My new book, The Ghost Writer by John Harwood, is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment. The reviews I read said that it was reminiscent of Possession by A.S. Byatt, so I was all over it. It’s not really like Possession at all, from what I can tell. In fact, I have […]

Show your power . . . 11

Some providential things happened this morning. 1. This morning it seemed very bright in my room when I woke up. So I rolled over to look at the clock and realized the power was out. I gasped so loudly I woke Mike up, but when I leaned over to see his (battery-operated) alarm clock, I […]

Here was comfort indeed 10

On Saturday, since Hurricane Charley cancelled our plans, Mike and I spent the afternoon at (an exceptionally crowded) Barnes and Noble. We even scored squishy chairs somehow. I finished Reading Lolita in Tehran, and he read another chunk of How to be Good. I think Reading Lolita in Tehran would have been more meaningful to […]

Great Television 11

Brian’s comment convinced me that what Mike and I were talking about last night should be the topic of a blog post. So, thank you, Brian. Last night I was goofing off and I noticed that the girl (she’s older than I am, why do I call her a girl?) who plays Paris on the […]

Gilmore Girls news 3

I heard yesterday that Season 2 will be on DVD this December. And after last night’s episode, there was a promo for Season 5 showing Rory continuing with her affair with Dean and Lorelai, obviously, disapproving. I haven’t seen Lorelai get sarcastic with Rory like she did in that promo. It was harsh. I know […]

Movie quotes and the chills 17

During lunch a few weeks ago, I was reading the previous week’s Entertainment Weekly. It featured an article on readers’ favorite movie lines (that’s not the article, it’s just part of the list. It’s the best I could find). Mike and I quote movie lines all the time, so I was interested to see what […]

My turn to weigh in on the Olympics 10

I took an atlas home on Friday night so Mike and I could look up the countries we hadn’t heard of while we were watching the opening ceremonies. Every country we hadn’t heard of was an island country in the Pacific Ocean. One of my friends said, “You took an atlas home? Only geeks would […]

The cup of salvation 4

Today I got the chance to redeem myself at church by being one of the communion servers. (I almost didn’t post about this, because I thought . . . what if someone gets on my case because I, a woman, helped serve communion? But then I thought . . . that’s not really being true […]

Reading, religion, and politics 2

You know why I haven’t been posting much lately? Because I haven’t been reading. And no reading leads to no thinking. My brains are a big pile of mush. It’s not technically true that I haven’t been reading at all. I just don’t seem to be able to get really motivated about a book. I […]

Saint Melvil 5

Annoying or not? My personal favorite: He organized librarian conferences (starting in 1876), the biggest geek meetings to take place before Star Trek Conventions (which began in 1972). (And, hey, as one of my coworkers said, I’m not crabby all the time! hehe.)

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer 3

Over the weekend, Mike and I stayed with our friends Kelly and Scott at the beach. Good times were had by all. My friend Kelly has recently developed an affection for Diet Dr Pepper (which, she would like me to point out, does in fact taste more like regular Dr Pepper). Seeing her switch over […]

“Do you ever feel you’ve become the worst version of yourself?” 8

Yesterday I realized that I have started doing something I have always found really annoying in other people. You know how you have a conversation with someone and you talk about doing something (let’s just say going out to eat) and they say, “We can’t afford that, sorry.” It’s so awkward. And uncomfortable. How are […]

With a jack and a spare you’re there 14

I learned something last night: There is no way in the world that I could possibly change the tire on my Beetle. I believe this to be true because the tire is so heavy that I couldn’t even get it out of the back. I am greatly discouraged by this. My dad had a rule […]

Tomatoes as a clue to the meaning of life 9

The tomato juice extravaganza was fabulous. I learned all the secrets of the family recipe. When I was adding the salt and the sugar to the jars, I asked Grandma how she knew how much to add – whether she had tried it different ways and settled on that one. She said, “I do it […]