Ever listened to windchimes during a thunderstorm?

For as long as I’ve known Mike, he has worked three Saturdays a month. In the past year, he has also had to work two Sundays out of every month. Sometimes we didn’t even get the same days off during the week, and we would miss each other completely. It got to be pretty difficult to coordinate our schedules after I started working, and it was hard on both of us. Mike and I are quality time kind of people.

This, however, is his last month. The 30th is his last day, and he will be starting school full-time in the fall. Our lives are about to move to a completely new chapter. This weekend was one of our rare weekends off together, and as we sat on the front porch in our rocking chairs yesterday afternoon reading, watching a thunderstorm, and listening to our windchimes, I got excited about our next steps. We are undoubtedly going to have less money, but after the serious lack of time together we have experienced lately, that honestly doesn’t sound as difficult as one might think. When I am still wearing the same old ratty clothes to work . . . well, I’ll just try to remember afternoons like we had yesterday.

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