And I bet, and you exploded into my heart

I have said before that I’m not a swoony girl, and I stand by that statement. Lately, though, I have realized that I can be taken in by a certain kind of story. I’m not interested in manly men on horses who sweep women off their feet. I fail to see the charm that handsome strangers hold for so many. I enjoy a good “meet cute” as much as the next person, but it doesn’t give me butterflies. No, the kind of story that I love is the one where the hero and heroine have been friends for years, and then one day they look at each other and realize that there’s something there, something different. I especially get into these stories if one of them has been secretly pining for the other, with no hope of reciprocation. Those are the stories that I tend to read over and over. I will watch and rewatch the scenes that show how our hero longs to be with our clueless heroine. This love of unrequited love must say something about me, but I have no clue what it might mean. You’d think I would want people to be happy, but I like to watch “moments” between people who are supposed to be just friends.

Mike and I were talking about this, and he asked if I like these kinds of stories because there was a guy in my past that I wonder about. I honestly can’t think of one. I went out with a few guys who were my friends. Some of them stayed friends with me and some didn’t. And there was that one guy where we took that chance and it all worked out. Those friendships where it didn’t work out and we’re not still friends . . . well, I can’t say that I mind it that much. Sure, I wish I knew what was going on with them every now and then, but people change. I’m glad I took the risk and went out with them. I would probably regret it more if I hadn’t tried.

This fall, it appears that some of my favorite angsty literary and television characters going to quit pining and start dating. I wish Deborah and Dwight as well as Luke and Lorelai the best. I’ll be cheering them on, hoping that all the pining and the moments and the romantic tension pay off. It’s all make-believe, after all, so we might as well get that happy ending.

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