We’re making a party

Except for all the extra flies (some people were apparently raised in barns), our house has pretty much recovered from Sunday’s party. The furniture is mostly back in its original places, and the floor has been mopped. Mike vacuumed and treated the ketchup stains with Oxy Clean. In other words, you can barely tell we had a party.

The backyard, however, is a completely different story. My dad brought this water balloon launcher thing he has, so the backyard is littered with the remains of a thousand (or so) water balloons. We’re going to have to do something about that before we mow. Which, of course, gives us an excuse to postpone mowing!

The birthday weekend really started on Friday, when some of our friends (the ones who got married a few weeks ago) came to stay. The boys played Halo on Friday night while the girls caught up. Saturday I had to work, so everyone else went to Wal-Mart for food and decorations. Mike made potato mush instead of potato salad, while my friend Kelly made devilled eggs and her husband Scott made 54 hamburger patties. I honestly don’t think Mike could have gotten everything done without their help. We didn’t just make them work, though – we fed and watered (or “wined”) them quite well and played Scattegories and watched Two Weeks’ Notice (what baby?!). It has been great to watch our friendship with them grow over the past year, and I am thankful for them.

On Sunday, we finished with the preparations in plenty of time for people to start arriving. I hadn’t known that my dad was bringing the aforementioned water balloon setup, so that was a fun surprise for me. Everyone seemed to have a good time with that, and the grilling was quite tasty. I had a good time, but my overall feelings about the party are kind of a blur, since there were so many people and so much was going on. I had a really awesome time, and I hope all the party attendees did, too. Mike is an overboard kind of person, so of course there was way too much food, and we sent Kelly and Scott away yesterday with a cooler full of stuff.

I got some fun presents, but a couple really stick out. My parents gave me their old rocking chair. They got it just before I was born, so it was kind of beat-up, but they refinished it and put some cushions on it. It was a fabulous present, and I was thrilled. Mike got me a camera bag and tickets to see Patty Griffin, Gillian Welch, and Emmylou Harris next month!

After most everyone else had left, Scott, Kelly, Brian, Sarah, Mike, and I played with sparklers and bottle rockets in the backyard. The sparklers were pretty smoky. We were soon enveloped in a cloud of smoke that made it look as if our entire cul-de-sac was on fire.

Now I have to go finish icing cupcakes to take to work. At the library, when it’s your birthday, you bring the dessert. My friends all think this is horrible, but I say that at least I get what I want on my birthday. Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing (and red, white, and blue sprinkles).

Really, it’s been a stellar weekend. What more could a girl ask for?

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