Daily Archives: 7/2/2004

The Rule of Four 5

“A son is the promise that time makes to a man, the guarantee every father receives that whatever he holds dear will someday be considered foolish, and that the person he loves best in the world will misunderstand him.” From that sentence in the first chapter of The Rule of Four, I knew I was […]

Big Bubba 5

Yesterday I was driving to High Point when I saw a magnificent sign. “Honk for Big Bubba! He’s 80!” As getting to the age of 80 is no small feat, I honked obligingly. Today I salute you, Big Bubba. You (and Mrs. Bubba) may be inside your house, growing increasingly annoyed at the incessant honking […]

You are so hard to read, you play hide and seek with your true intentions. 11

I have my alarm set on a pop/soft rock station, because it’s just about the only thing that comes in clearly. In Greensboro, I used to have it set on NPR, but I can’t get any of those stations out in the sticks where we are (at least, I can’t get them on my clock […]