Monthly Archives: July 2004

Quality time with Grandma 6

Tomorrow I am going to Grandma’s house to learn how to make tomato juice. Now, I have noticed that when I say “tomato juice” I get a violently negative response. Let me just say that Grandma’s homemade tomato juice beats the crap (except Grandma wouldn’t say crap) out of any store-bought tomato juice there is. […]

Strange how hard it rains now 8

On the way to work, it started pouring. I was already late, thanks to extreme fatigue this morning (by the way, someone want to explain that to me? I was in bed by 9:45 last night), but there was no way I was venturing out of the car in that downpour. Sure, I had my […]

Being scared and being brave 16

Last week I was really grumpy. For pretty much no reason. No one likes being grumpy, but it sucks when it comes out of the blue and you just get mad and overreact to things. We are talking “freaking out and getting unnecessarily angry because my CD player stopped working one morning” overreaction. I hate […]

Welcome, Fred! 10

This is my first post from my new work computer. I love him already. His name is Fred. Yes, I gave him that name myself. I even made him a sign that says, “Hi, I’m Fred! Nice to meet you!” No, I’m not surprised that my coworkers stop talking when I enter the room. No, […]

The results of the Grimace research 15

Last night we had dinner with some friends, and there was a fascinating discussion about Grimace. You know, the big purple guy at McDonald’s. One of the guy said, you know, obviously the Fry Guys are fries and Birdie the Early Bird for breakfast food and the Chicken McNuggets represent . . . well, Chicken […]

Songs of summer, songs of life 8

A few weeks ago I titled a post after a Dire Straits song, and the resulting comments have had me thinking about the songs of summer. You know, those songs that make you want to turn the radio up, roll the windows down, and just drive? The summers of ’94 and ’95 were the summers […]

Update on those shaky legs 8

Looking back, yesterday was one of those days where I was so tired that I grew increasingly upset about the liturgy debacle as the day went on. It kept eating at my mind all day. By the time Mike got home (a little after 7:00), I was a wreck. I spent about 30 minutes crying […]

The Lord’s Prayer and shaky legs 22

I don’t know if most people have a favorite sound. If they do, it’s probably something like birds chirping or their favorite song or their mother’s voice. I like all of those things, but one of my most favorite sounds is when a church congregation says these lines from the Lord’s Prayer: Forgive us our […]

Sunshine and highways 26

The thermometer in my car said 64 degrees this morning when I got in. Granted, that’s in the shade, but it was only up to 72 by the time I got to work. That’s just unheard of for this time of year. And fabulous – clear and sunny and breezy. I will definitely be eating […]

“What did you bring?” “That macaroni salad over there.” 14

Yesterday we participated in that most-important of Baptist rituals: the pot-luck dinner right after church. What, you thought I was going to say baptism or communion? Foolishness! Those things pale in comparison to green bean casserole and fried chicken. This pot-luck was in honor of the pastor’s 10th anniversary. There was the obligatory cheesy skit […]

Ever listened to windchimes during a thunderstorm? 7

For as long as I’ve known Mike, he has worked three Saturdays a month. In the past year, he has also had to work two Sundays out of every month. Sometimes we didn’t even get the same days off during the week, and we would miss each other completely. It got to be pretty difficult […]

Obsessing over reality television 10

I have moved on somewhat from my unnamed obsession to a new shiny one. I am now learning everything I can about the first few seasons of The Amazing Race. I watched last season, and some of the Flo/Zach season, but I missed the first two, so I have been reading the recaps at TwoP. […]

Kari behaving badly 27

On Sunday, church was just awful. We hadn’t been in a while, since we have been out of town a lot lately, so we didn’t know that all the pastors would be out of town for the holiday weekend. It wasn’t like we had the second string, either. It was more like the eighth or […]

Finally! 1

Go congratulate my friend Shelby on her happy news. (And encourage her to blog about Bruce Lucas – if she doesn’t do it soon, I will!)

And I bet, and you exploded into my heart 29

I have said before that I’m not a swoony girl, and I stand by that statement. Lately, though, I have realized that I can be taken in by a certain kind of story. I’m not interested in manly men on horses who sweep women off their feet. I fail to see the charm that handsome […]

We’re making a party 28

Except for all the extra flies (some people were apparently raised in barns), our house has pretty much recovered from Sunday’s party. The furniture is mostly back in its original places, and the floor has been mopped. Mike vacuumed and treated the ketchup stains with Oxy Clean. In other words, you can barely tell we […]

The Rule of Four 5

“A son is the promise that time makes to a man, the guarantee every father receives that whatever he holds dear will someday be considered foolish, and that the person he loves best in the world will misunderstand him.” From that sentence in the first chapter of The Rule of Four, I knew I was […]

Big Bubba 5

Yesterday I was driving to High Point when I saw a magnificent sign. “Honk for Big Bubba! He’s 80!” As getting to the age of 80 is no small feat, I honked obligingly. Today I salute you, Big Bubba. You (and Mrs. Bubba) may be inside your house, growing increasingly annoyed at the incessant honking […]

You are so hard to read, you play hide and seek with your true intentions. 11

I have my alarm set on a pop/soft rock station, because it’s just about the only thing that comes in clearly. In Greensboro, I used to have it set on NPR, but I can’t get any of those stations out in the sticks where we are (at least, I can’t get them on my clock […]