All I have is you, so darling help me understand

I remember an episode of Mad About You (some research tells me that it was in the first season, but I can’t find any applicable quotes) in which one of the characters (I am pretty sure it was Paul) had a dream about watching the Weather Channel. In the dream, they were sitting at home at night in their pajamas watching the Weather Channel talk about weather that wasn’t even theirs. Paul was afraid this meant that they had become boring. At the end of the episode, though, they were doing just what he had dreamed – eating potato chips in their pajamas and watching the Weather Channel, and he realized that he was happy just being with Jamie no matter what they were doing.

This morning, Mike went to his men’s meeting for the first time in over a month. We’ve been living in a whirlwind this summer – two weddings, a trip to the beach, a quick weekend in Atlanta, Mike getting ready to register for classes and finishing up his job . . . we’ve both been pretty exhausted. But suddenly the busy-ness is lifting, and things are settling back into normalcy. This week I’ve gotten good sleep for the first time in a while, and Mike was able to go to his meeting. Our routine is starting to feel less hectic; we can see the light at the end of his work tunnel. And last night we ate pasta in our pajamas and watched a rerun of the Gilmore Girls and the first half of Last Comic Standing. It sounds boring, but it wasn’t. It was just nice. I was happy to be relaxing with Mike, no matter what we were doing.

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