A very girly entry.

Ack! There was a very scary-looking bug on my computer! I looked away to find something to smack it with and now it’s gone!

[a few minutes later . . .]

I looked up for the bug and noticed a GIGANTIC SPIDER in the window, so I had to go get help. My fearless coworker killed him for me, thank goodness. Spiders cause me to be paralyzed with fear.

Last night at small group I was showing my friends my pictures from the wedding. One of my small group friends was also a bridesmaid, and she was bemoaning her tan lines in some of the pictures (our dresses were strapless). I told her that hers weren’t noticeable, and mentioned that I had put foundation (borrowed from Shelby) over mine so they would blend in better. She looked at me with surprise when I said that. To me, that was something normal (a tip from my mom), but to her, it was a clever idea.

I have encountered that a few times recently – things I think are “normal” but that other people are like, “Wow, that’s a great idea!” Like spraypainting my shoes for the wedding (I had white shoes I never wore, but no silver shoes . . . so I spraypainted the white ones and . . . voila!) and a girly thing that I shouldn’t mention here. I go along in my life thinking that I am pretty average, so it’s nice to think I come up with good ideas now and then (or steal good ideas from my mom, whatever the case may be).

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