You are something I would photograph you beautiful disaster

When I was growing up, my family took some pictures, but after my mom’s nice camera was stolen (in the great break-in of 1990), our picture-taking was considerably lessened. When I was finishing high school – or maybe even when I started college – my mom sent off a bunch of film to be developed, and we found pictures from vacations we took when I was 12 or 13. We just didn’t do the picture thing very much.

That partly explains my obsession with pictures. I want to have a better record of things than I do of my childhood. Mike and I didn’t take a lot of pictures when we were first together, but then I started scrapbooking. When Mike saw that scrapbooking was going to be a serious hobby, he got me a nice camera, and we started getting our pictures developed at Wolf Camera instead of at CVS. That’s the real reason we don’t have a digital camera – I use my pictures for scrapbooking, mostly, so I need physical copies of them. Of course it’s possible to get copies of digital pictures, but most people don’t. Scrapbooking has really changed my picture-taking – I tend to think about what pictures I would need to complete a page, so I do take better pictures, but I also take a lot more than I used to. I have a friend who takes a lot of pictures, and she is very bold about moving to where she wants and taking candid shots and things like that. I am never quite that bold, so I often miss shots that I see but am afraid to take. I will never be a great photographer, but I do love photography.

I have to go pick up three rolls of film from the wedding and our vacation in just a while. I am always a little apprehensive about that – will they turn out like I hoped? If I want to be in the pictures, I have to get someone else to take them, so I have no idea how close they got or what they will look like. Did Mike smile his fake picture smile, or did we get a good one of him? Did I blink? It’s pretty scary and exciting.

The other reason I have been thinking about pictures today is that I dropped off the film about 7:15 on Friday night. They told me it wouldn’t be ready until Saturday. It was, of course, the one-hour photo. I understand being backed up sometimes, but I have never ever gotten my photos there in one hour. The pictures are higher quality, yes, but the customer service (or lack thereof) leaves a lot to be desired. So I just wanted to rant about the deceptive signs and not fulfilling their commitments and the lines and the lack of motivation by the staff and all that, because I will never be brave enough to complain about it in person (and even if I got up the nerve, Mike wouldn’t let me complain).

So as to not end this on such a negative note . . . there is one picture in particular I am really interested to see. The aforementioned phtographer friend took one of me and Mike sitting on a low tree limb in Hilton Head. I am sure that one will be cute, but what I really want to see is the one she took right before that, when Mike was lifting me up onto the branch. I am hoping it will be a good one – I think it was even black and white film. I get nervous and excited just thinking about it.

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