One quick run-on sentence before I hit the road

All day I tried to write a blog entry about the wedding I am in this weekend and how I am so excited for my friend but also nervous because there’s this one person who intimidates me who I will have to spend time with and I know I shouldn’t be intimidated but I am because she’s tall and glamorous and I am short and dumpy in comparison and instead of actually dealing with those feelings and facing my insecurities I pack my cutest clothes in the hopes that I will look good and not fall down a lot, even though I know I probably will fall down or do something to embarass myself and why am I focusing so much on myself when it’s my friend’s wedding?


Sorry about the run-on. We’ve still been watching a lot of the Gilmore Girls; I think their way of talking is rubbing off. hehe. Anyway, I tried all day to get those thoughts into coherent, meaningful sentences, but it didn’t work. So you get one run-on sentence instead, because I have to leave and head for the wedding weekend in the next 15 minutes. And after that, we’ll be at the beach, so don’t expect any updates until late next week! 🙂

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