Public Service Announcement

A few weeks ago I tried some of those new “sugar free” mini Reese’s cups. I thought they tasted fine. Yay for sugar free Reese’s! For the record, the serving size on the bag is five. I had three (they are mini!). I went home, had dinner with some friends, and watched a movie, during which I promptly got very disgustingly sick.

The warning on the label says that the sugar free ingredient can have a laxative effect if consumed in excessive amounts. I had THREE. Serving size: FIVE. Sound excessive? I think not.

Anyway, I swore off them, but Mike wanted to try them. The same thing happened to him after consuming a not-so-excessive amount. Last night I was talking about them with one of my coworkers (his comment? “Those things are better than Ex-Lax!”) and we decided that the effect is reminiscent of those WOW potato chips. It’s wrong. It’s against God’s plan. Don’t eat them. Eat the regular kind instead. Nothing is worth that kind of pain.

Consider yourself warned.

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