Monthly Archives: June 2004

Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history. 10

Moments ago, a nice man came up to the reference desk and asked for a book on “caring for . . . a shrubbery.” Unfortunately, no dramatic chord played, and I completely missed my chance to say, “Agh! No! Never! We have no shrubberies here.” I’ve got to be quicker on my feet.

All I have is you, so darling help me understand 4

I remember an episode of Mad About You (some research tells me that it was in the first season, but I can’t find any applicable quotes) in which one of the characters (I am pretty sure it was Paul) had a dream about watching the Weather Channel. In the dream, they were sitting at home […]

I really don’t mind being this comfortable. 9

“You know how to hold my hand, You know how to make me mad, You know everything about me . . .” -Fleming and John Mike and I spent the weekend with some of our friends in Atlanta. We hadn’t been to Atlanta since we went to a World Series game in 1999 (we both […]

A question for my readers 4

If you were going to be in a book club, what book(s) would you like to discuss? I have to work within the confines of having enough copies of the book, but don’t worry about that when you make your suggestions.

Memories and birthdays 11

Every year on my mom’s birthday, my grandma tells her what the weather was like on the day she was born. “It was a cold rainy November day . . .” and so on and so forth. Mom says it doesn’t feel like a real birthday until she hears it. This past year, we were […]

Reading and Queen Bees 9

I haven’t done an entry on reading in a while. This is mostly because I haven’t been reading as much as usual lately, what with all the traveling and now my car being in the shop (not to mention my *ahem* current obsession taking up a lot of my reading time). (Side note: Mike never […]

A very girly entry. 10

Ack! There was a very scary-looking bug on my computer! I looked away to find something to smack it with and now it’s gone! [a few minutes later . . .] I looked up for the bug and noticed a GIGANTIC SPIDER in the window, so I had to go get help. My fearless coworker […]

. . . one idea and nothing else . . . 24

When I get interested in something, I like to read and find out as much as I can about it. (This may be why I enjoy being a librarian – so much information at my disposal.) It could be a new book series or an author or a TV show or a band or a […]

It’s Monday morning. I’m allowed to be incoherent. 12

Yesterday I had some car trouble. I feel like I handled it pretty well overall, although I did have a few moments where I was incredibly frustrated. I had wanted to get home before Mike and fix dinner and finish some household chores. Instead, I got home an hour after him, three hours later than […]

You are something I would photograph you beautiful disaster 3

When I was growing up, my family took some pictures, but after my mom’s nice camera was stolen (in the great break-in of 1990), our picture-taking was considerably lessened. When I was finishing high school – or maybe even when I started college – my mom sent off a bunch of film to be developed, […]

Visions of food poisoning 10

Since I mentioned before that I was having visions of falling down during the wedding, it’s only appropriate to mention that I did not in fact fall down. I did have a bit of an ordeal, though, which I would like to share. Friday night after the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, I went to […]

One quick run-on sentence before I hit the road 14

All day I tried to write a blog entry about the wedding I am in this weekend and how I am so excited for my friend but also nervous because there’s this one person who intimidates me who I will have to spend time with and I know I shouldn’t be intimidated but I am […]

Love has marked your soul the way the sun has marked your skin. 7

I hope the fact that I am in a wedding this Saturday will excuse all the ramblings I have had on marriage this week. Between my almost-married friend asking me for advice, my redecorations causing me to reminisce, and my parents’ anniversary, I have had weddings and marriage on the brain quite a lot. Alisa’s […]

You though the sun fell from the sky but I tell you you’re wrong 11

Mike and I had a really nice day yesterday. We went to church and then came home and did some housework. He got tired of waiting for me to finish decorating our house, so he started putting pictures and candles out. Of course, he put them in all the wrong places, so I had to […]

And so I’m having a wonderful time but I’d rather be whistling in the dark 28

There is only one thing that I know how to do well And I’ve often been told that you only can do What you know how to do well And that’s be you Be what you’re like Be like yourself –They Might Be Giants Last Friday, Trey and I had a little discussion about my […]

Two more PSAs 11

These are less disgusting than this week’s earlier PSA, thankfully. First, my fabulous friend Shelby now has a blog! Second, as a counter to the previous disgusting candy discussion, I did want to say that the Hershey Kisses with caramel in them? Fantastic. We can’t buy them ever again, because we consume them at insane […]

Teeny tiny head 13

Today I went and got my license renewed. I needed to get a new one anyway since we moved, but I was waiting until closer to my birthday because no one was sure if I’d have to do it twice. The whole thing was a bit of an adventure – the DMV moved without telling […]

Public Service Announcement 20

A few weeks ago I tried some of those new “sugar free” mini Reese’s cups. I thought they tasted fine. Yay for sugar free Reese’s! For the record, the serving size on the bag is five. I had three (they are mini!). I went home, had dinner with some friends, and watched a movie, during […]

With all such reading as was never read 5

When we were at the beach on Saturday, my friend nudged me and pointed out that a 30-ish guy in the next cluster over was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. My friend and I both love the Harry Potter books, so a little while later when the guy and his friends moved […]