Excuse me, did you mean to tuck your skirt into your pantyhose?

I am still working on finding the perfect librarian wardrobe. I need more twinsets and that kind of thing. And I definitely need more khaki pants. Actually, I need more pants in general. My lack of a wardrobe means that I tend to wear the same stuff a lot. Not today, though! Today I have on a cute little skirt and a red sleeveless top. Woo-hoo! I thought when I looked in the mirror this morning. I look cute!

I still think I look cute, but now I am starting to doubt. No one here at work has mentioned my attire. This is only the second or third time in 6 months that I have worn a skirt to work. But apparently no one has noticed.

Either that, or I look not as cute as I thought.

Ah, insecurity, my friend, welcome back.

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