To sleep, perchance to kick off my socks

After reading Peter’s rant on bedmaking earlier this week, I feel inspired to share some of my own thoughts on the subject of sleeping. Mike, like Peter, doesn’t like the sheets tucked in at the end. He wants to be able to tuck all the covers under his feet. Which, to me, is practically demonic. (But, then, I can sleep with my socks on, so what do I know?) As I am the one who makes the bed, my desires have prevailed. And Mike has gotten over his wretched habit of destroying all the bedcovers. He still has a tendency to take his half of the bed from the middle, but I am working on [beating] that [out of him] as well.

Speaking of sleeping with socks, sometimes Mike goes to bed with socks on. That’s fine . . . in the winter, I also like to sleep while wearing socks. No problem. Except, wait. There is a problem. Mike never wakes up in the morning still wearing his socks. He kicks them off during the night and leaves them in the end of the bed. There were times early in our marriage when I was not aware of his midnight sock aversion. I would pull the sheets off the bed at the end of the week only to find 10 or 12 socks piled up. We would then have discussions where I would say incredibly logical things like, “Why would you wear socks to bed if you know you are just going to kick them off?” He would respond with “But my feet were cold!” So on and so forth.

We have reached a happy compromise. Mike rarely wears his socks to bed now, and if he does kick them off, I am allowed to give him the evil eye of death, which I do quite well, if I say so myself. Meanwhile, I allow him to put his cold feet on me during the night (he wasn’t kidding – the boy has cold feet). See, boys and girls? Marriage is all about compromise.

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