A question and a weekend update

When someone regularly repeats stories (not the same stories over and over, but a new story is guaranteed to be heard at least twice), it begins to make me feel as if the conversations I have with this person are not important – this person is only talking to me because I am a warm body. We all repeat stories, and that’s not a big deal, but when it happens regularly to someone about my age, what does that mean? Are conversations with me that forgettable?

We had a pretty good weekend. I caught up with Mike on the Gilmore Girls DVDs on Friday night (for the record, the Gilmore Girls are also good for relieving a bad day), so he promised not to watch any of the rest of them without me. So, for the past two nights, we have been spending time watching the show, gearing up for tomorrow night’s season finale (woo-hoo for smooching! boo to Rory and Dean!).

Yesterday we went to see Mike’s sister and her family. Mike’s niece graduated from kindergarten on Friday night, and we couldn’t make it. As we are the only family on Mike’s sister’s side, we try to show up for as much family stuff as we can, so we made the trip yesterday instead. Our celebratory dinner was at Chuck E. Cheese. Victoria wanted us to go there because Mike and I always win her a lot of tickets on skee ball. We were fine with this, because we have never turned down a game of skee ball.

The best part of the afternoon was before we went to Chuck E. Cheese. For her graduation present, we gave her an origami book with some fun origami paper. I thought it would be fun because she really liked some of the origami animals I gave her (one of my coworkers really likes origami) and she is fairly artistic. At first she did not seem too impressed, but then we showed her how to make different animals and flowers with the paper, and she really got into it. Before we left, she had happily folded about 20 tulips, 5 bunnies, 3 dogs, and a cat. I made a family of penguins and a family of swans. Jacob wanted me to fold him a lion, but I got stuck at step 9 (out of 36). It looked like a paper airplane, but he said, “I like my lion! Will you draw a face on it please?” It’s nice to be 3. Things are much simpler. Anyway, it was fun to spend that time with her and to see that she really did enjoy the present. When we were leaving, she said, “I really like origami, Aunt Kari.” Warm fuzzies all around.

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