Gilmore Girl mania

I have always wanted to be a fan of the Gilmore Girls. But I (much to my shame) watched American Idol instead. I knew I should be watching the smart, funny show, but Simon Cowell sucked me in. I did check in here and there, and I read the recaps to fill in the holes I was missing. This season, I started out as a devoted fan, but I work on Tuesday nights, and it got hard to keep up. Last week Mike bought season 1 on DVD and we have been watching and enjoying it (but not together – he refused to wait for me, so he’s a bit ahead). Anyway, although the WB’s promos are notorious for being misleading, it does appear that we are finally going to see some Luke/Lorelai snogging on next week’s season finale.

And there was much rejoicing in our household.

(And I love that Mike loves the show as much as I do – maybe even more. He is a good man.)

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