In which I come clean on one of my guilty pleasures (and resolve to no longer feel guilty)

I like reality television.

There, I said it. I watch reality tv. I have watched it pretty regularly since the second season of Survivor. My favorites are The Apprentice and The Amazing Race (season premiere – the day after my birthday! yay!), and we keep up with Survivor and a bit of American Idol (though I only watch the results shows at this point). I watched Big Brother one season, but I don’t like it as much. Personally, I don’t understand the vitriolic criticism people have regarding “reality tv” (I am actually with Mark Burnett on this one – I like the term “unscripted drama”). I don’t see that it’s really any worse than any other TV. Survivor is fun to watch to see how people act in groups. The Amazing Race (which I could never ever do) is so interesting, because true colors are shown because of fatigue and extreme situations, which is similar to Survivor, but in TAR, you’re not on your own – you have someone who is very close to you along on the trip. The Apprentice was just plain fun because of Donald Trump’s enormous ego. I mean, have you seen his hair? And his apartment was the tackiest thing EVER. But he doesn’t care – everything he’s built is the most beautiful or the best in some way. I love it. And I loved how he wasn’t afraid to put the contestants down. Jeff Probst has been getting more snarky lately, and Survivor has benefitted from it greatly. Sometimes people need to be told when they are behaving like crap.

Anyway, I am tired of feeling as if I have to defend my poor taste in television. I never go to the movies. I don’t watch much tv other than these shows. I watch them for entertainment. So sue me.

The other thing about reality tv that is funny to me is that people see the characters so differently. On a regular drama, it’s easy to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. And nobody really takes the bad guys’ side. Like in Alias, who is pulling for that bad guy with the fluid and the channeling? Nobody. (I don’t watch Alias – this is just what I have gathered from my friends). But, take Survivor as an example. This season I have had my sanity called into question for liking some of the characters and disliking some of the others. I just had a conversation where I said I wasn’t voting for Rupert to win the second million (I am with many TwoP-ers in supporting “Operation Deny Rupert” by voting fast and furious for other contestants because I think that he is probably going to win) and the girl I was talking to looked at me as if I was a disgusting bug. “Oh, sure,” she said, “give the money to someone who lies and manipulates. Rupert was honest during the whole game!” Well, sure, but I don’t think honesty is what Survivor is about. I think it’s about lying and manipulating while not pissing people off too much. I don’t like Rupert. I haven’t liked him either season. He’s sexist, and he relies on the “I was teased as a child” shtick too much. His popularity is very confusing to me. You know who I do like? Big Tom, until the reunion show. Alicia (which is a very unpopular choice, I know). Jerri, because she didn’t seem as bad this season (although I didn’t like her at the reunion show). Jenna L, even though she is a little dorky. I even liked Rob and Ambah okay. I didn’t hate them like most of America does, which I have been afraid to admit. I thought Rob played the game well. But I have been kind of afraid to say who I really liked and didn’t like, because I want people to like me and not think I am crazy. Who did I dislike besides Rupert? Richard Hatch. Lex. Kathy. Shii Ann. I liked Rudy, of course, and I thought Sue Hawk was telling the truth when she said she felt humiliated by Richard (another unpopular thing to say).

Mike and I enjoy pulling for teams and we usually see the teams similarly, which is fun. It’s like watching any game show, really, just with personal drama added. I have been put down too many times for watching these shows, and I refuse to apologize anymore. I like competition. I like sociology. I will keep on watching as long as I am entertained.

So, I have voted online for the second million. I have voted a lot. hehe. I have voted both the Robs, and Jenna L, and Rudy. And Big Tom a few times. I just don’t like Rupert, and I have a new policy of not apologizing for that.

It feels good to get that off my chest.

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