Mike and I enjoyed the end of Friends last night. A series finale is usually unsatisfying, but we thought it was decent as far as they go.

A lot has been written lately about Friends in comparison to Seinfeld. I watched Seinfeld, and I laughed at it, but looking back, it’s not as funny as it was then. People quote lines, and I don’t remember them. Mad About You is the same way – I watched it religiously, but I watch it now and I don’t really laugh. Friends, though . . . there’s a Friends moment for just about everything. Mike and I quote lines all the time. My (real, not TV) friends quote it all the time. Obviously not everyone watches it, but I think it’s a real touchstone for people my age. For me, at least, it is kind of like Cheers in that the characters were so well developed that half the time you were laughing at what you knew was coming.

So, in honor of Friends, here’s my favorite episode and Mike’s favorite episode. I don’t remember the exact names, and, really, why should I look them up when most of my readers will know what I am talking about. hehe.

My favorite is the one where everyone finds out [which might actually be the name] about Monica and Chandler. I watched it by myself the first time, and Mike came home to find me laughing so hard I was crying. Between all the, “They know we know they know,” and, “He’s afraid of bras – can’t work ’em,” and, “Hello Mr. Bicep!” Mike and I quote this one a lot. It’s classic Monica that she won’t let Chandler back down. My favorite line is : “They’re trying to mess with us?! They don’t know that we know they know we know! Joey, you can’t say anything!” “I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

Mike’s favorite is the Thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt. I don’t think this was the one where Monica wouldn’t let anyone eat on the china. This was the one with the turkey-eating pants, though. Mike loves Brad Pitt, so pretty much all of his lines are Mike’s favorite, but I’ll go with this one: “Look at her standing there with those yams! My two greatest enemies Ross, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.”

Good times. I am not weepy about it being over or anything like that. It was definitely time for it to be off. Mike and I are saving our pennies so that we can buy the different seasons on DVD.

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