Monthly Archives: May 2004

And the girls could suddenly wound you, ’cause they’re experts at lying 9

Over the weekend, I finally saw Mean Girls. My friend and I both enjoyed it. It’s not going to win any Oscars, but it was cute and rang true as far as how girls relate to each other. I liked that, even though the “Queen Bee” was a mean girl, they didn’t make her completely […]

Cleaning at sunrise 11

Thanks for suggesting books! I have checked out copies of The Devil Wears Prada, My Name is Asher Lev, and Lake Woebegone: Summer 1956. Since I am driving, I can take as many books as I want to the beach without repercussions (except using more gas – I just filled up my car for $26.50. […]

State fossil 10

I was checking some links on the website to make sure they were still up to date, and I ran across this. Check out question number seven. Some states have designated fossils?! And we don’t?! I decided to find out which states have fossils. You can find a list here. The disappointing part is that […]

Beach books 15

I will probably have time for a real entry later today, but I wanted some input first. I am going to Wilmington this weekend to stay with one of my friends and have girl time. We’re going to the beach on Saturday, and I am not especially enamored of anything I am curently reading. I […]

Then what about the times when even followers get lost? 8

Last night Mike and I skipped small group and had a good talk about some things. He’s pretty concerned about me these days, and rightly so. I have talked before (especially here) about my walls and my fears. I am aware that I am in a lot of pain and that only God can help, […]

Excuse me, did you mean to tuck your skirt into your pantyhose? 19

I am still working on finding the perfect librarian wardrobe. I need more twinsets and that kind of thing. And I definitely need more khaki pants. Actually, I need more pants in general. My lack of a wardrobe means that I tend to wear the same stuff a lot. Not today, though! Today I have […]

Don’t you like bran muffins? 0

I have mentioned these sites before, but not on my blog. So, if you are in need of something entertaining, may I suggest Muffin Films or Big Bunny? Our favorite Muffin Film is “Pssst. . .” (Mike is also partial to “Beware”) and we have been known to go around saying, “Hello crunchy children!” I […]

Hello, neighbor! 2

So, we have really nice neighbors. At least, it seems that way. But they are older than us and we don’t seem to have a lot in common with them. What are some good neighborly suggestions for ways to get to know them? They do a lot of yard work, but we are not yet […]

Midnight thunderstorms 2

Yesterday’s thoughts on sleeping plus the killer thunderstorm we had last night reminded me of a story from early in our marriage. We had been married no more than six weeks, and school had just started. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my […]

To sleep, perchance to kick off my socks 10

After reading Peter’s rant on bedmaking earlier this week, I feel inspired to share some of my own thoughts on the subject of sleeping. Mike, like Peter, doesn’t like the sheets tucked in at the end. He wants to be able to tuck all the covers under his feet. Which, to me, is practically demonic. […]

Somebody had a headache. 2

I think that’s the correct quote from Gaudy Night – “Someone had a headache.” I don’t have my copy here, and the library’s copy isn’t checked in. And a Google search produced nothing. But I do believe that’s correct. If it’s not, I’ll correct it when I get home. [ETA – it’s been corrected. “Somebody […]

A question and a weekend update 8

When someone regularly repeats stories (not the same stories over and over, but a new story is guaranteed to be heard at least twice), it begins to make me feel as if the conversations I have with this person are not important – this person is only talking to me because I am a warm […]

You’d do anything just to make it home 3

It’s not that it was a bad day, exactly, just kind of long and boring. And then tonight I went to an event where I put my foot in my mouth. And Mike wasn’t there, so I had to drive home by myself. Luckily, it was dusk, the thermometer in my car showed the temperature […]

Gilmore Girl mania 6

I have always wanted to be a fan of the Gilmore Girls. But I (much to my shame) watched American Idol instead. I knew I should be watching the smart, funny show, but Simon Cowell sucked me in. I did check in here and there, and I read the recaps to fill in the holes […]

Something I’ve been longing for and dreaming about 5

This morning I was thinking what I could write about, and the word that kept coming into my head was longing. “What am I longing for?” I thought. I like my job, I have a new house, Mike and I are doing well. And yet, there is a sense of discontentment, something missing. I touched […]

In which I come clean on one of my guilty pleasures (and resolve to no longer feel guilty) 13

I like reality television. There, I said it. I watch reality tv. I have watched it pretty regularly since the second season of Survivor. My favorites are The Apprentice and The Amazing Race (season premiere – the day after my birthday! yay!), and we keep up with Survivor and a bit of American Idol (though […]

Table wine 8

The air conditioning man (also known as a god among men) came and fixed our upstairs air this morning. It was okay at night with the windows open, but during the day it got unbearable. We don’t have any shade around our house, and the afternoon sun just bakes the front rooms. So, thank you […]

Family Ties 8

I love my brother, and we generally get along well (although we were a bit snippy with each other yesterday), but I have always wanted a sister. Not that I wanted to get rid of him – I just wished for an older brother who would protect me (my brother is both younger and non-confrontational) […]

Friends 10

Mike and I enjoyed the end of Friends last night. A series finale is usually unsatisfying, but we thought it was decent as far as they go. A lot has been written lately about Friends in comparison to Seinfeld. I watched Seinfeld, and I laughed at it, but looking back, it’s not as funny as […]

More on fluff 11

Per Autumn’s request, I have been trying to think of some favorite fluff. She has unwittingly exposed one of my deep insecurities. I don’t think I am very good at recommending books to people. Reading is very personal, and what if I recommend something I really like and people hate it? I will feel rejected. […]