A tribute to food.

I love to eat. I am so glad that food is not bland and tasteless. In honor of that, here are a few foods I could not live without:

Cheese. Whether it’s browned mozarella on top of a bowl of french onion soup, cheddar cheese with a granny smith apple, or provolone on a sandwich, cheese is extremely necessary in my life. I eat a couple of slices of cheddar cheese almost every morning, because I don’t get hungry after eating it.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are pretty divisive. A lot of people don’t like them. I truly don’t understand this, because fresh tomatoes on a sandwich are like little slices of heaven. I want to get some tomato plants to have in my backyard. There’s nothing like getting a tomato off the vine and bringing it in to make a fresh tomato sandwich.

Onions. We don’t do it quite so much anymore, but there was a point where Mike and I ate onions almost every day. They add so much good flavor to things. Again, I don’t really understand not loving onions. (But I don’t like corn or scrambled eggs, and I know a lot of people don’t understand that.)

Chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate every day, and lately I’ve been eating sugar-free Jello when I need a sweet treat, but there is nothing like chocolate. Chocolate candy, chocolate ice cream, brownies, chocolate cake. Especially when chocolate is hanging out with his best friend, peanut butter.

Pasta Sauce. This is combining two of the above (and some other favorite things, like garlic), but I would not want to live in a world without pasta sauce. I call it “spaghetti sauce” and Mike calls it “jar sauce,” but whatever it is, we buy the Classico brand (Barilla if we are really treating ourselves) and add things like onions and mushrooms and ground beef.

Frozen pizza or pizza rolls. I know this is kind of odd. But who wants to live in a world without frozen pizza? Not me. Pizza in general is a favorite – look how many of the above it combines. hehe.

Strawberries. Some of my favorite childhod memories are on my grandparents’ farm, back when they had a huge garden. My mom, my brother, my favorite cousin and my Aunt Nancy would go and pick strawberries in the morning, and then the adults would make jam and freeze berries while my brother, my cousin and I were given heaping bowls of strawberries to eat. Fresh strawberries? Yes, please.

Well, there are plenty of things I have forgotten, like peaches and blueberries and lima beans and okra (I bet lima beans and okra gross more than a few of you out). But that’s good enough for now. Share some of your favorites with me, please. 🙂

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