Sometimes all I can do is weep, weep, weep, with all this rain falling down

Okay, I’m not really weeping. But it’s such a gray Monday – it definitely would have been nice if the world shut down on days like these so we could all stay in bed. Mike and I both woke up sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 am because the rain was coming down so hard. I think there was some thunder, too. It hasn’t rained that hard in a while. Now that we are homeowners, rain is a time to worry about what’s happening under the house or if the yard is okay.

One of our friends is having a baby today via C-section. Yesterday Mike and I overheard our pastor telling her and her husband that, in some Catholic communities (I think he said in Spain or predominantly Spanish-speaking) today is celebrated as a laughing day. Everyone gets together and eats the foods that were forbidden during Lent, and since God has heard nothing but confession of sin for the past 40 days, they all tell jokes to Him instead. I couldn’t actually find any information about that online, but I like the idea just the same.

One of my favorite things about going to a church that follows the church calendar is this time after Easter. We do five more weeks of Easter and then Pentecost. I like that Easter isn’t over now . . . I have been to churches where, immediately after Easter we move on to something else. I like having this extra time to focus on Jesus’ resurrection and post-resurrection ministry. I know some people think the focus on the church calendar and the colors of the church calendar are silly, but it really helps me focus my heart. I read this today from the Christian Resource Institute, which says it much better than I could:

These special days and seasons are a means to shape sacred time, a structure in which to define what it means to be Christian and to call God’s people to reverent and faithful response to God. Easter encompasses a time of preparation (Lent; Advent for Christmas) as well as a following period of reflection on its significance for the life of God’s people (Pentecost; Epiphany for Christmas). However, while Epiphany following Christmas focuses on the mission of God’s people to the world, the Pentecost season following Easter focuses on the church as the witness to the resurrection.

So, despite the weather or fatigue or sickness, rejoice! The truth of yesterday is still applicable today. It doesn’t change just because of rain pounding against the windows, no matter how gray it looks outside.

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