Love and mystery

I love love. I don’t read romance novels (very often), but I sure do like my mysteries to have a good romantic subplot. When I started the Deborah Knott series two weeks ago, I had heard mixed things about them, but mostly that the first few were the best. I did feel that the middle book was lacking (and didn’t actually finish it), but only disliking one out of nine ain’t too shabby. And in all honesty, the mysteries, while still well-written, weren’t what had me finishing three of the books in the past 24 hours. I absolutely had to know how the relationships with the men in her life were going to play out. It’s always a good sign when you’re that interested in the characters. The current romantic relationship gets my stamp of approval, so I am excited for book 10, which is supposed to come out this August.

I read all nine (well, eight-and-a-half) books in that series in the past two weeks. I think even worse than finishing a book is finishing a series that you’ve been immersed in. And of course the library is closed for the holiday weekend. So I’m going to have to get actual housework done instead of lounging around reading like I did yesterday. (But, boy, did I enjoy it.)

I’m not a very swoony girl. I am much more of a pragmatist than Mike – he’s the real romantic in our relationship. But, sometimes, a book or a movie will hit me just right. These books were like that. I think it helped that the characters are so familiar – the books are set about 90 minutes from here in a fictional rural North Carolina county. One of the books even had Deborah (who is a judge) filling in in my county and parking at the library, since it’s across the street from the courthouse. That’s my library! I know these places and I know these people.

I guess that’s why I feel so bereft now that I can’t read about them anymore (for a while). Here’s to August!

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