Regular or Unleaded?

One of the men here at work makes a mean cup of coffee, so I am always glad when he gets here first and gets the pot started. I am at work early today, because I didn’t sleep well, and if I could, I’d just set up a coffee IV. I’m that tired. But, I thought if I was going to be awake, I might as well be getting paid for it.

I don’t drink coffee every day. Just on draggy mornings like this, and sometimes when I get cold after lunch. I’m not really particular about my coffee. I have a lot of friends, both online and off, who are self-admitted coffee snobs, but I don’t care that much. I am afraid to admit that I buy the store brand when I purchase coffee, but I would like to say, in my defense, that people have complimented my coffee when I have made it for them. Oh, and I tend to drink decaf as much as possible (although not this morning). My one coffee thing is that I don’t like hazelnut. If I’m over at someone’s house in the evening, the host[ess] will often say, “Do you want me to make some coffee?” And I’ll say, “Sure, if it’s decaf. I don’t want to stay awake all night” [of course, this is not really a concern these days since so many of my friends are nursing mothers who never make regular coffee anymore]. And then I will get stuck drinking hazelnut coffee out of politeness. Why is this? If I was going to make a flavored coffee, I’d warn the person before I made it. It’s always hazlenut, too. There are plenty of other flavors I like/don’t mind. When did hazelnut become the default flavor?

All the coffee snob talk got me thinking about what I am a snob about. Picture developing is one of the things – I like to get mine developed at one of the camera stores instead of at Target or a drugstore. I scrapbook, so I like to have the highest possible quality of pictures. I will admit to being fairly particular about buying good scrapbook stuff. Mike, as I have mentioned before, is a Diet Coke snob. He doesn’t like it in a can, or from a can over ice. He likes it from the fountain or in a 20-oz. I’m not really a music snob . . . I mean, I bought Clay Aiken’s CD and have been known to sing along with it when I’m driving (much to Mike’s chagrin). Plus, I like pop music. I watch reality television. I watch CBS for my news. I read books that are popular, and I watch shows about celebrities. I buy the store brand for lots of stuff. I am downright generic. Perhaps there are some things I am forgetting, but I think I’m not that particular about stuff in general. I think that probably comes from not having a lot of money growing up . . . we just didn’t get to be particular about things. We bought a lot of store brands. And there’s that Southern politeness – always be agreeable as much as possible. I guess I never really allowed myself to form many particular attachments. I certainly wouldn’t characterize myself as low-maintenance, though. Go figure.

Who wants to come clean on some of their snobberies (or complete lack thereof)? Come on, it feels good to admit I drink store brand coffee.

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