Weekly Roundup

Another thing I love about my new house? The hot water heater. It’s so big. In our apartment, it was difficult to take back-to-back showers without someone getting shafted. And, yes, that was mostly my fault for taking longer showers than Mike, but he also likes his water insanely hot. Now? We can both take showers as long or hot as we want. This large hot water heater may very well save our marriage.

My parents gave us a dogwood tree as a housewarming gift. We are going to plant it this weekend. Speaking of housewarming, our friends keep asking us about having a housewarming party. I haven’t consulted Amy Vanderbilt (she’s in a box somewhere), but wouldn’t it be wrong for us to throw ourselves a housewarming party? How does that work? I don’t want people to feel that we are throwing a party just so they have to come over and give us presents. That seems . . . impolite.

In other weekend news, tomorrow the weather is supposed to be fabulous. So guess where I will be? At work! Yesterday I had the day off. It poured all day. Insert your own joke about the universe being against me.

I have been thinking a lot about the counseling thing. I am going to work on my assignments tonight [admittedly probably not with the best attitude, but at least they will be done] and we will see what happens next week. I am leaning towards taking a break right now. Just because of not living in Greensboro anymore, and it being a distance. I have also been processing a lot of what happened on Tuesday, and some of it doesn’t bother me as much . . . but one of the things she said really does bother me. I have run it by a few of my friends, and they seem to agree with me that she was way off on her diagnosis of me. It really hurt, so I am not sure how to go in next Tuesday with a good attitude. I guess we will see.

Overall, there seems to be a lot of potential for great goodness in the next few months, and I am excited (and scared) to see how it will all play out.

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