One of my (many) failings is how much I . . . I think “depend” is the word I need here . . . how much I depend on the input of others. I can make decisions okay, mostly. But I like to hear what other people think. I am a very communal person. One of the things I love about participating in an online community is the instant gratification of posting a question or statement and having it responded to almost immediately. I stopped blogging for a couple of years because I felt I was writing for others instead of for myself – I was writing to get people’s comments.

This is a huge stressor for me when it comes to things like shopping. I don’t shop very well by myself. I need input from others to tell me if the pants make my butt look too big, or if this brand of pasta sauce is better than that other one. (Well, actually that last one is not true. I always buy Classico. But take it as an example.) I truly get overwhelmed by all the choices on the shelves, and find shopping much easier when I am not alone.

One of the downfalls of needing so much input is that when I get excited about something, I like to share it so others will be excited, too. I had many job interviews in the fall, and I kept sharing with my friends that I had an interview so that they would pray for me and be excited with me. But then job after job didn’t work out. And I was embarassed. I have shared about the house we placed an offer on. Now the house stuff is presenting some difficulties, and I’m embarassed.

I don’t know how to play my cards closer to my chest. I feel that living in Christian community dictates that we share our joys and sorrows with each other. I think my tendency to desire input causes me to overshare. I’m not sure what (if anything) to do about that.

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