The Farewells Begin

Saturday I had to tell our mailman that we’ll be moving in two weeks. It was really sad. No, it really was. I love our mailman. His name is Mario. He has two gold teeth, right in the front. He always seems happy to see us, and he stops to say hello when he can. Mike and I live in a neighborhood mostly populated with senior citizens, and he is always very kind and sweet with the little old ladies. I like it when I’m home during the day, because I give him cookies or just stop and chat about the weather and his daughter. Last year we had a tear-off calendar with a holiday for each day. March 10 is “Mario Day” (get it – Mar10). We taped it to the mailbox so he would be sure to see it, and he was so pleased. Whenever we’re going out of town, he takes care of our mail, and he makes it seem as if it’s no trouble at all.

I would like to nominate him for the “Best Mailman in the World” award. I really will miss him. I tried to convince him to switch his route to our new town. Or even to move there into our neighborhood so we could all hang out.

I have lived in Greensboro for six-and-a-half years. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost four years. It’s hard to realize how much my life is about to change.

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