About Me

My name is Kari. I am a school librarian living in North Carolina. My husband and I live in a crazy house that we are constantly working on (or paying someone to work on). We have a son named Atticus who was born at the beginning of 2011 and a fat rabbit named Big Bunny who hates us, or at least pretends to until we give her tortilla chips. I run, but I don’t consider myself a runner. I love reading, baking, the funny and wonderful things my students say, and drinking excellent cafe au lait.

I use this blog to practice my own writing. I love the verse in 1 Corinthians that the title comes from, because there are a lot of things about this life that I don’t really understand. My hope and faith is in a God who knows and sees more than we do, and who is so good at taking our bad things and turning them into good ones that we don’t even realize he’s doing it most of the time.

Comments or questions? Email me at throughaglass.net@gmail.com.

Atticus at One